Discover how ChemPlanner can benefit your workflow and your business

Every Route Costed

ChemPlanner calculates each route returned in cost per gram, giving you viable routes and their costs simultaneously. You can select the most cost-effective routes for your business.

Chemical Waste Reduced

ChemPlanner prioritizes atom-efficient reactions. This unique feature helps you identify routes with low level of wastage, improving outputs for medicinal, synthetic, and process chemistry teams.

Deliver Greener Chemistry

ChemPlanner allows you to select and filter your reagents, solvents, or catalysts, so you can easily exclude environmentally unfriendly solvents and design greener synthetic routes.  

Standard Starting Materials

There is no longer a need to remember what is commercially available in catalogs. ChemPlanner includes standard starting materials from major suppliers to make your life easier.

More options to explore

ChemPlanner is a unique route generating program that uses empirical and predicted reactions. Predicted reactions are based on rules learnt from empirical reactions, so both known routes and routes that have never been previously published are returned. This gives you a wide variety of viable routes – both new and existing to explore.

More help so you can plan

Every step is supported by literature precedents that offer further insight into reaction conditions, solvents, techniques, and other experimental information. An intuitive display offers easy navigation between alternative routes, and links to the source publications and online catalogs of starting materials.

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